Mizzi NFT

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❤️ How it started ❤️

Mizzi NFT was created by ZachyTimmy.
He thought of creating a Collection of Images, showing Mizzi in her usual stance -
cute and simple.

Mizzi the Bear when she was 1 year old.

Art Collection as NFT

Mizzi NFT is a Collection of 10000 Generative Art images of Mizzi our beloved Chow-Chow.

This is an ART Collection, showcasing where Mizzi had been in the PAST and where she HOPES to be in the FUTURE, as she tries to bring JOY to all of us.

The main goal of this Project is to have these Mizzi's find their next HOME, in the hopes that she'll bring the same RANDOM HAPPINESS to EVERYONE.

This NFT Collection will be deployed under POLYGON(MATIC) Network.

This Special NFTs Collection will be deployed under SOLANA(SOL) Blockchain.

Fun with Mizzi

Close up, lol

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